Sunday, November 30, 2008

Day 1- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Today was the travel day. I didn't sleep. Left Baltimore at 615, and took a train to Newark, NJ. Then took a monorail to the Newark airport. Met up with my Thursday homies, and went inside. From there, i sat forever waiting to get my boarding pass, then got on my plane to Toronto. Went through customs, and got some food. Purchased the shittiest sandwich I've eaten in a long time. I mean real bad. Not worth 7 bucks at all. Got on the plane to Saskatoon, and crashed immediately. The lack of sleep totally caught up with me. I woke up with an hour left, got a mini bottle of wine, watched Flight Of The Conchords, and chilled. Today was the first drug free day of flying i've had in a while.
After getting off the plane we got our bags and went to the Hotel. Me and Tucker are rooming together tonight. Put the two wiseasses together, I guess. We got some dinner. I ate a Bison burger, that was pretty good. The gravy fries killed it. I can't wait for poutine. Afterwards, we hung out with some locals, and got beers. We guestlited all of them for the show tomm night. They were talking about coke and meth and all kinds of wild shit. It seems like they get redneck fucked up here. Either way, we had fun. It was pretty cool. Everyone was super nice, minus the dudes who tried to fight me, Tucker and Andrew. Apparently we are fagots everywhere.
Right now, i'm drunk and typing an unexciting journal entry. Time for sleep. Peace, young niggas.