Friday, May 30, 2008

The last week of my life or so, in a picture.

the hum of the fan is a constant.

there's nothing more heartbreaking than listening to sad songs in your room, and hearing the giggles and mumbling of people in love through the fucking wall. it's good for making you feel lonelier than you already are, and pushing you further to the point of a manic episode, or nervous breakdown.
fuck, haha. i feel stupid.
i feel like tonight is gonna be another night that i watch the sun rise over the rowhouses of hampden. it's comforting in a fucked up way. i like the way the light hits those houses outside my window at 6 am, and 6 pm. A 12 hour difference, in beauty and time.
i have today off, and know that i'm gonna do absolutely fuck all with it. i'll probably write something after i get up. maybe i'll get to sleep soon. obviously i needed to do something with my time. 

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's kind of irritating when you are paying to have the internet and can't log on to the wireless in your own house. I would love to thank NETGEAR, and Scott, for not blocking their wireless connections wherever they live close to me. Thanks guys/gals.
I miraculously had another day off of work last night, so of course i went out, and enjoyed myself, for a change. i spent the afternoon watching the soccer game w/ ben and tj, drinking beers on the couch. we wrapped that up by meeting up with sherry and steve at Samos, for dinner. $5 gyros, dude. Best in the city easy. Went back home afterwards, to chill for a minute, and then met up with Ben and Dosch, to have a birthday beer.  It was Dosch's bday yesterday, but he can't get wild til the weekend, so i went and had a beer with them at rocket.
while at rocket, the girl i had encountered in my first couple posts was there. she apologized profusely, and ultimately made me feel bad about how i reacted to her.  she is a real nice person, just too fucked up for me to handle, i think.  i had a drink with her, and kindly exited, to go meet up with some friends at the golden west. I was told it was real fun, so i should head over. Apparently in the 5 minutes it took me to walk there, it started to suck, and everyone left. thanks, guys.
i stopped into frijoles and wound up having drinks there for the rest of th night, cause it was chill. the people i was suposed to meet, showed up there, and were wasted, and mildly annoying.  fortunately they were too drunk to stay and they left. chase howed up with more fireworks, so i'm guessing they went to go blow things up.
i wound up hanging with Dan, erica, and Jesse for the rest of the night.  we listenened to the bad brains and drank beer. it was awesome. the walk home was really nice too. it was gorgeous out last night. another day, another drink, another night alone. perfect.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Worn out.

I feel like I've been working non stop lately.  It's probably a good thing, cause it's kept me out of trouble. It's also helped me save money which is always a good thing. I spent most of my weekend working at the bar. Saturday however, I worked Deathfest at Sonar.  It was pretty impressive seeing the amount of total nerds at that thing.  I also got to see Disfear finally.  I don't care what people say about that band, they fucking killed it. Probably one of the best bands i saw this year. Sunday i worked at the bar, and decided i wanted to do something awesome the next day, since i had off of work.  Dave planted the idea of going to atlantic city in my head. It sounded like a winner to me. It had everything i wanted. The beach, booze, and gambling.  It sounded like a winner
Of course, Monday was the first day I've had to myself in a while.  Instead of going to AC, I spent the day hanging out, went to a BBQ, went out drinking. Apparently i got fucking shitfaced. I am going to blame the sangria. It's probably good that I didnt go to atlantic city.  I dunno how much fun i could have had by myself. None of my friends were in the position to go with me. I did have a lot of fun hanging out at the bbq and frijoles anyway. Obviously i did, because i got fucking twisted. Everyone I saw yesterday told me i was really fun.  I dunno if that's good or not.  At least i didnt have a shameover, and a bunch of phone calls to make. That's never fun for anyone. 
I kind of feel like getting tattooed today. Maybe I will. I certainly don't have anything better to do.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another wasted night

I'm pretty glad i can wake up at 11:30 without an alarm clock anymore. It gets me up early, for me, and I can try to get things done before i go to work in the evening. It's pretty dece.
Last night was another night filled with fireworks, photo shoots, drinking, drugs, loud music, and complete mania. I feel like this blog is turning into an endless series of stories about Chase, haha. I haven't seen that dude in awhile, since i've been on tour, and he's been out of town, or i've been so busy with work.Plus hanging out with him always turns into something interesting. After bartending happy hour, and making no money thanks to the non tipping dudes playing pool. As much as i did appreciate the fact that they had a lot to tell me about how the record industry works, even though they knew absolutely nothing about it, i coulda used a couple bucks for the drinks i served you. The attitude was kinda unnecessary, as well. Being a condescending prick to someone in the service industry never gets you anywhere broseph.
I wound up hanging out for awhile with megan at the bar, trying to make sure chase didn't do anything completely ridiculous like the night before.  he was well behaved, minus throwing the cue ball from the pool table around the room. He lit off one firework in the bar, too, which was surprising, considering that he had somehow come into a big bag of new ones. Either way, it made my life slightly easier. It could also have been the alcohol keeping me less aggravated.
I think some friends are coming into town this weekend. That makes me happy. I'm hoping i can get one of my shifts covered, so i can have a weekend night off for a change. Unfortunately, i doubt it will happen. Hopefully Jess gets here early, and we can go out to eat or something before i go to work tonight.

Soundtrack for the day: The Nice Boys, The Vicious, The Misfits

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

shitty day/wild night.

So after getting the awesome news in the afternoon that the girl i was dating is breaking up with me, i sat around all day being mildly depressed. Random text messages, and dicking off on the internet comprised most of my afternoon's activities.
I talked to Chase through the course of the day, and i think he probably was the drunkest i've ever seen him, by the time i ran into him later on.  The one thing i didnt really want to do was be surrounded by a bunch of people, so to be quite honest, sorry B if you read this, i didnt really want to dj her birthday party.  in the end i was glad i did, cause it was some wild shit. at least chase made it that way.
when rabbit picked me up, i had vented to my other roomate for 20 minutes on the shitty day i'd been having.  she's had her own romantic problems lately as well. we go to the bar, and we're playing records. having everyone tell me i look miserable was really nice. considering the events of the day, and that almost every girl i've dated in the city was there, including the birthday girl, who i dated a few years ago, and is an interesting story in her own right. i drank a bit, but not a lot. there was a fucking cast of charachters. at one point, i'm sitting with cody and heath, and i see chase start going nuts when black flag comes on. we were quickly distracted though, when we see some girl on her knees grabbing at this dude on the sidewalk.  it looked like she was gonna suck his dick, so i was wishing there were a window we could yell out of.  seeing this go down prettymuch led to a 20 minute conversation about vice magazine, pissing on girls, shit porn, public blowjobs, and chase going insane. 
obviously, he had a lot to drink.  i'm pretty sure he was cut off from the bar. i went back to play records for a bit, then come back, and he went nuts, haha. there's cans and bottles on fire in the fireplace.  while i was playing records, he was lighting off fireworks in the bar.  they were leftover from the night before. the next thing i know, he's burning his shirt in the fireplace, and stealing the cue ball from the pool table. i turned away, for literally like 30 seconds, and the next thing i know he was running down the bar, and jumping at me. he missed, knocked over a stool, and ran around some more. it was insane. it's a good thing that dude is so loveable, or that all of his friends were there, cause he probably woulda gotten the shit kicked out of him if he were alone. well i guess brigette punched the shit out of him a few times, but it was her birthday, she's allowed.
i'm glad i didnt get wasted. sometimes it's better be the sober one, so you can remember all the ridiculous shit that happened. it woulda been awesome if that chick actually was blowing that dude in the street. that's fucking classy.


Good job dude. I guess after hearing the entire world shit talking you, and finding out everyone was gonna try to screw Universal, and sell off their stock, you made the right decision.
Money makes the world go round.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I heard through the grapevine...

that NAS is calling his new album "Nigger".
Way to be edgy, you dipshit.
For all the publicity you're gonna get, i'm positive you are just gonna make yourself out to be more of an idiot than you actually are.
Congrats, dickweed!

the next day...

wow, i kind of forgot that i even posted that last night.  i figured i'd do an obligatory intro post, but that really kind of sums up a lot of what happens to me on a regular basis. not so much the overweight girls, but the weird situations.
im amazed that me and chase did not wind up in the hospital, or jail last night. well maybe chase did, but as i'm sitting in my bed typing this, i'm confident in saying i didn't.

3 things that are awesome and shouldnt be mixed together:
1. drinking for 10 hours
2. hot girls
3. fireworks

apparently after i left, chase and the gang kept going. hopefully everyone still has their hands.

Monday, May 19, 2008


there's a lot of things that can get on one's nerves. i hung out with a friend tonight, that i hadn't seen in a while. sometimes you get roped into things, and that was certainly what happened to me tonight. there's a girl i've been seeing, and she is great. sometime you get put into a situation where you are the buffer. others, you are the bomb diver. tonight was the latter. i met people that i knew of, then were subject to others the i wish i'd never met. there is nothing worse than being borderline sexually harassed by a girl that is twice your size, with shitty tattoos.
i couldnt even believe the situations thrown onto me. it was some next level shit. i'm glad i have what i do. seriously. i wish i'd taken pictures, or video of the awkward "we have to be friends" conversation i got forced into.
jesus fuck, i'm glad i am in the situation i'm in.ugh, no amount of alcohol would make me take "that" home.