Friday, September 26, 2008

Seasons change. See the change.

I've really been slacking on keeping my life updates on here. I know that i'm not going to remember things later, unless i reflect upon them here. I have a terrible memory, and with the lifelong case of "wet brain" that i have, it certainly won't help things.
It honestly has been a relatively eventful month, in my life. I certainly haven't had a shortage of things to do, whether i've been at work or not. I've been quite a busy bee, for the last 20 days or so.
After getting my house broken into last month, i decided to move out sooner than later, so i busted my ass to get my bills and what not paid off, so i worked pretty much non stop through the end of last month, and the beginning of this month. It helped me get straightened out, to an extent. I got moved out in the only 4 day stretch that i've had off in months. I unfortunately joined another band and had to learn songs, in that same 4 days, so that i could play a show. That little stretch has afforded me sanity, fun, minimal rest, and a seriously dinged up foot. While loading in for the show, i had a 8x10 bass cabinet fall on me and crush my foot against a stair. Needless to say, it felt fucking awesome. So now i've been limping around for a little over a week.
Moving out was fucking awesome, though, i live with 2 of my friends, in a different neighborhood, and most importantly, in a nice house.It was a pain getting moved in 2 days, but was awesome when i got it finished and over with. I was stoked, for sure. Now that i'm in here, it has made my life easier, and more fun. Living with Matt and Sean, rules. I'm siked on it, plus we all get on well with each other.
I've even had some other days off lately too, which has been pretty good. I've been to a baseball game, went to a Caps preseason game, played some shows, had some good hangouts, and generally been in a good mood. Now i'm just saving money, so I can go see V and my SF crew, and go to my cousin's wedding in Dec. Those will be 2 fun vacations, for sure. I'm excited to see V, cause she's been having a bummer summer, too. I figure it'll be good, to hang out and just have fun for a few days. Plus i miss the shit out of her.
As far as my love life goes, Celibate Summer might be over, but it might as well have started again, seeing as how i've been trying to keep myself out of trouble. I dunno what to think about anything, my mind is in so many directions. I definitely still have a crush on Veronica, not even a crush really, i like her. Then there's the dog walker, who i dunno what is going on there, or how i really feel about it. The ex who is still in love with me, who I want nothing to do with. The transplant, who i think is just someone i should be friends with. She is too much for me. Then there's the new girl. She likes me, but at the same time she doesn't like me at all. She thinks i'm the world's biggest shitbag. She might be right, judging from the past few sentences. Either way, we hung out the other night, and it was fun. I just can't handle her when she gets loaded, and is mouthy, and can't stand on her own.
Whatever, fall is here now, and there's no shortage of replacements and lemonheads records for me to listen to, to get in the mood for the season. I just need to buy a new ipod, so i can load it up with sweet jams, and ride around town. Who knows what will happen between now and the next time i find time to write.
My life really is still a mess, to be honest, haha.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ugh, haha

I feel like time is getting stolen from my hands
each breath i take, is one closer to the last.
I'm watching the world racing by
Standing out of the way hands by my side.

We're all fucked
Out of time and out of luck.
Wasting away
Not enough "sorry's" for me to say.

Force fed everything you say
Your slogans are lies, always been this way
I don't know what else to do
Drown my sorrows or run away, we're still screwed

sleep. eat. work.
wash. rinse repeat.
life. love. regret.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Holy shit.

As i'm sitting here relaxing, and watching a Katt Williams special, i'm realizing that i honestly have not had time to chill and relax, since the last time. it's been a blur the last couple weeks, filled with work, and lots of it. I played a couple shows, and they went pretty cool. I wanted to go to the beach, but it wound up not happening, surprise surprise. I may try to go this weekend, who knows though?
I did get some cool news though, Ratsize is gonna have our Sam Holden photo in a new show on Starz or Bravo, i can't remember. Either way, you'll see our mugs in every shot of Dennis Hopper's office, in his new show. It's gonna be right behind his desk, i'm pretty stoked. Glad i wore a "cool" shirt in the photo.
Im finally fucking moving out this week, too. I'm pretty excited about that.
I don't even know what to say. I'm pretty much wicked unexciting these days.