Friday, April 3, 2009

Just trying to get to you.

Ok, so I got shitty with this again, you gotta cut me some slack, cause my day generally goes like this...
-wake up anywhere from 10am to Noon.
-Get dressed and go on a hunt for coffee or tea. This is usually kind of a trek, because we aren't always downtown, or even near anything.
-Come back in and suss out the situation as far as merch setup, and figure out what I need to bring in as far as racks and tables, then figuring out what merch I need to pull, depending on the ticket pre-sales.
-Load in, and set up, which usually takes longer than expected, because i never want to do it in the middle of the afternoon. At this point it's usually around 230 or 3 in the afternoon.
-Grab my restocks, which takes a half hour
-At this point it's usually around 315.
-Then i go try to find food, and this takes as long as finding coffee, since usually those kinds of things are in the same spot.
-After coming back from eating, It's around 430, and doors for these shows are usually around 5. So i take a nap, or sit and relax for 15 minutes before doors.
-I go in and get everything ready for the kids to come and piss me off for the next 5 or 6 hours/.
-After loading out and getting everything in the trailer, it's usually around 1130 or Midnight.
-Then i usually count the money, and make sure my numbers are right.
-by this point, it's relatively late, and then we'll go to a bar, or hang out and chain smoke, drinking til bus call.
-when the bus gets moving i do my paperwork for the day, and then usually go to bed around 2 am or later.
Hopefully this explains why I haven't updated much on this tour, because i have been relatively busy. I try to make an effort and do it as much as i can, but some days, i'm just tired and don't feel like it. Sorry.
Now I'll update on everything that's happened since out days off, and Boise. We were in Portland the next day, and i was pretty stoked. I met up with Remy in the morning, after me, Andrew, and Geoff went to Voodoo Donuts. I got a Cap'n Crunch one as well as a Butterfinger one. They were fucking tasty. He took me over to the machine shop, where Seth and Spencer were. We hung there for a minute, and I met everyone that's currently working there. It was pretty sweet, and totally legit. I was stoked for them, it seems like they're doing pretty well.
We went and grabbed some lunch at a diner, and bullshitted about stuff for a while, it was pretty cool to catch up. I saw Seth when he was in town for the tattycon, and it had been a while since i had seen Remy, so it was fun to just sit and hang for a while. It was also nice to be away from the venue and take a two hour break from tour. After we ate, i went back and emptied the trailer, as well as loaded in and set up.
Remy came with some friends to the show, and that was cool, i didnt hang out with him very much, but afterwards we all went out and hung out at some bars. The first one, Mary;s was so packed, didnt have any NA's, and was pretty much about to induce a panic attack on all of us. We went to some other bar, the Surf and Turf, or Island Paradise, or some shit. Keep in mind, all of these bars were strip clubs, though boobs were the last thing i cared about seeing, honestly. Gus came and met us at the second bar, which ruled. He had finished up with Barber school that day, so he was pumped. We had a group of about 10 of us out and chillin, One of the Rockstar dudebros was there too, and some other randoms. We went to a third bar when the Island Oasis closed. We stayed for about a minute, cause it was wack, we met up with Stage Mgr. Ray when we were there. We made our way back through the venue and crushed brews and smoked spliffs. Apparently 2 kids from the street jumped the fence and came back to hang with us, which was kinda funny. After that i called V, got sappy with her on the phone for a bit, and went to sleep.
Next up Seattle. I shipped off my excess merch, and got shitty BBQ. The Minus The Bears came and hung out, and I tried to go meet up with the Pig Detroyers, but it just didnt happen. I did get to hang with my homies John 25 and Raver Bob, who had moved out there from upstate NY. That was pretty awesome. Beemer also came out and hung for the day, which ruled. Other than that, it was pretty ho hum. Nothing amazing.
Next up, Spokane. I had to wire my rent again here. I dunno what it is with me and western unions, but i seriously step into 1985 when these places are around. I got my shit wired off, and got my shit ready for the show. The show was busy and we made some money, which was cool. After the show i shipped off the last of my in boxes, so i didn't have to broker anything to canada. we got in the bus, and headed for the border.
I woke up in the morning at the Canadian border, and we got through super quick again. it was awesome. We rolled into Vancouver, and pretty much everyone made it, except for one of the dudebros, which was a bummer. Me and Joe went to the bar across the street and got some bloody mary's. Mine was a virgin of course. I also went and got a new hat and jacket, to treat myself. I scurried around the venue for a bit, to see if my merch had arrived yet. I was about to leave, and then it showed up so I loaded it in real quick. After a bit, we dumped the trailer, cause we had all the gear in there from the night before. It had been raining all day, so we tried to load all the merch into it as quick as possible. During this process i slipped on the ramp, and ate shit hard as fuck. I busted my chin up a little, and fucked up my jaw, it was awesome. After that i just sat around and relaxed, and took a shower.
The show was okay, and afterwards, we went to a bar called the Morrissey. It was pretty cool. We chilled with the bats for a while, and Tom got sassy with some broad. I got McDonalds after we got hassled by bums on the way back to the bus. I sat and talked to Veronica for a while before i went to bed. Wild night!
The next day we had off in Kamloops. It can be summed up like this...
-2 shitty overpriced meals.
-nothing cool around
-everything that isnt a bad restaurant closes at 6
-i sat in a hot tub and rode a water slide.
The next day we were in Calgary. We were stuck on a school campus all day, and I had to figure out a bunch of western union shit, so that was irritating. I ate another shitty meal, and the show was okay. Sales were dece, and afterwards, Dan from Blackout Pact hung for a bit. I kicked with Sheep and Evan, FYS and BMTHs tm's. After a while i tried to go to sleep, and that didnt happen til about 6 am.
Today we are in Edmonton, and me and Neltie got a hotel room, so more people can think we're fucking, and just to get a break from everyone. We went to the biggest mall in North America, and i got some food and a new pair of Bad Brains vans. Then i came back to the hotel room and slept for a while before dinner. We went to some shitty burger place that was like a Canadian Applebee's. I went to the bus and played some NHL 09 w/ Cortez. Now I'm sitting here texting Veronica, and writing this. Another exciting night. I'd be a lot more stoked if the internet worked.

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