Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ft. Lauderdale.

I don;t think I've ever been surrounded by such a large collection of drunk douchebags, and total bitches in my entire life. It's a good thing the weather was so nice. I mean real nice. I was walking around in shorts for a majority of the day. It was kickass.
We loaded in relatively early, in an effort to try and go to the beach, but those efforts were thwarted by pending rainstorms, and inability to find transportation there. It was fine, cause we were all pretty satisfied with just sitting around outside, and bullshitting all day. After a while i went to buy ciggarettes from the 7-11, got carded, and not having ID i couldn't get smokes. Drag.
The show was waaay more irritating than i expected. Full of people who were enjoying their first beer, as well as a bunch of stupid people. Mouthbreathers and total a-holes. I sold a lot, and that was cool. I was incredibly frustrated though. Every time i went to pull re stocks, i had to fight my way through a shitty drunken street festival. I also had to answer an inane amount of stupid questions. I probably yelled at more people, and got shitty with more people than i have in a long time.
Loading out was probably the best experience, since we had to do it in a monsoon. The venue didnt have showers, but i sure got one when i was loading out. After getting on the bus, and seeing a shitload of people, I decided to go to the afterparty they were having for everyone at the Bar next to the venue. After me and Neltie went on a fucking voyage we finally found a bartender that would serve us. We got a couple of near beers, and hung out for a bit. There was lots of drunken dude on dude dancing, and a grip and a half of nasty sluts. I def saw girls making out with multiple dudes, some at the same time. Tom definitely hooked up with the girl who groped me and Josh, FYS's merch guy. Gross. I told him earlier not to get drunk and make mistakes, unfortunately he didnt listen.
On the plus side, V told me she got her plane ticket today, and I was pretty stoked on that. Also, I hung with Cortez for a bit, and before i went to bed, i went and hung with the FYS dudes. We smoked, and kicked it for a few. I got back to the bus and passed the fuck out. Then today, I woke up at Disney World. We can't get in, but it's at least nice out.
Hopefully there won;t be as many punishers today as there were yesterday.


noelle elisabeth said...

I was in ft.lauderdale/west palm/coral springs area last week, & itotally went to the beach & I was the only perosn in the water

degreaser said...

oh fuck a disney world. john from baroness just told me a nightmare merch story about that hellhole which basically ensures that baroness will never be playing disney world again.