Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm getting bad at this.

St louis was a relatively cool day, and a shitty night. I spent most of the day relaxing, and hanging around the venue. Drank some coffee, got some smokes, had shitty catering. During the walk to get smokes, me and Tucker went the wrong way, and almost went into the wrong side of town. It smelled like dead babies over there, no shit. The usual, really. The show was nice, cause they had us set up merch in a coffee shop inside the venue. It was quiet and filled with non offensive music. They had a fucking sickass collection of posters, and I had to talk myself out of buying a framed Moz poster from the last tour. Jay from the bats came and hung for most of the night, as well as Neltie's friends from town. She used to live there apparently.
I didn't sell very well, but it was relaxing so that was cool. After the show, we went out to celebrate Ben's last night on the tour, and Tim's departure back home. They were the lighting guy and Bass player respectively. Manny from Glassjaw/Saves the day is gonna be filling in on the rest of the tour, and i'm stoked cause that dude fucking rules. He showed up today, too, when i woke up. Pretty awesome.
After the show, we went to a couple bars, and had some drinks, and good times, then we went back onto the bus. When we got there, i started vomiting blood. A lot. This is the day that i finally have to stop drinking. For real. I am no longer Baltimore's Party Machine.

The next day we were in chicago. I woke up early, and went to get lunch and buy new socks, and underwear. It was alot tougher than i thought. I also realized upon walking back to the venue, that i could have taken a more direct route, that would have saved me about a half hour, at least. It was a sober day, and i didnt sell shit cause it was a venue sell. they let me put out one shirt, so i was pretty much prepared to call the day a wash. i ate dinner with the cancer bats, and Neltie. i had a fucking massive burrito. it looked like a small child. After the show i ran into my buddy Damon, from Braid. It was awesome to hang and catch up. The jukebox in the bar we were at, ruled. It had the undertones and the Replacements on it. Total plus. Everyone had some drinks and hung out for a bit. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes to Tim and Ben, and headed on to Minneapolis.

Minneapolis. Cold. Day 2 of sobriety. It felt weird. I felt like shit all day long. My stomach is totally fucked. The show sucked attendance wise, and the kids were totally shitty. I saw Sean from Holding On/Regret, and he went to the triple rock for me and got me a veggie po boy. It was awesome. After the show, Tom tried to score with some random ho's who were talking about cosmic connections, as well as suspension. At one point i swear i heard them talking about Foxy Boxing. I sat up talking to Veronica for a bit. She was in baltimore and i was in Minneapolis. Shitty.

Picture update coming tomm!!!

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