Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One giant post, to catch everyone up.

So, since i have time, today, i'm gonna do a blog during the show. I haven't updated since the rochester show, since i've been pretty much lazy. The worcester show was pretty awesome, saw some old friends, like my buddy gerry, and Noelle, of course. I was able to get a liquid lunch with gerry, which was pretty awesome. The show was awesome, a ton of kids, and actually a lot of fun. Seeing four year strong in their hometown was pretty sick. They also gave SSE a shoutout, and that helped a ton. Everyone was in a really good mood. I was busy, so that made my day go by real easy. After the show i chatted with my bud Josh, who i hadn't seen in a long ass time. We bullshitted about being old, and hating kids. It was pretty sweet. I think we both laughed the hardest we had laughed in a long time, so that was cool. Beemer was pretty stoked on the numbers too, so that ruled.
After the show, the whole night took a weird turn. I went to down to the bar, Shooters, i think it was called. Or some other token pseudo sports bar name, Chances, McGillicuddy's, Tracy's, whatever, i dunno, it was a bro bar. I got some drinks, hung out, got loud, and generally had fun. We went back to the bus after the show and hung for a few. I was on the phone with V when some real shit went down. I looked down the street to see a bunch of dudes fighting. Me, Steve, and Tim ran down, then were followed by Tucker, Cortez, and Jay from the Cancer Bats. A 30 man brawl went down, and a couple dudes from the tour got beat up pretty bad. Like hospital bad. Needless to say, we stayed on the bus for the rest of the night after we got back on it.
The next day we were in Hartford. This show was a giant shit sandwich. I sold well, and that was cool, but it sucked dog dick for sure. The only highlight of the night was me doing a flip dive off of the merch table, and crowdsurfing my way across the room to the door, to go pull some merch. Then to top it all off, some ignorant asshole was speeding around the corner, and was about 3 ft from ending my life in a trailer full of merch as i stood inside of it. Motherfucker was on the ramp/backdoor of the trailer. Big thanks to that asshole for making 28 years of life flash before my eyes. It would be kind of fitting that i died on tour, maybe, but fuck, in Hartford, get real.
Next day we were in Clifton Park, Ny. I have no idea where this even is, to be honest, and it didnt really matter. the show was wack. The highlights of today were as follows...Wiring my rent money was the most ridiculous experience ever. The woman who did it had no clue what she was doing, and got locked out of the office in the "information center" of the grocery store(Price Chopper) i was in. I should have figured as much, when I walked through those sliding glass doors into 1989. I swear i saw new Coke in there. During the show, I decided to drink an entire bottle of Jameson. An adult sized bottle. I was sauced, but realized it when i was on the bus and had only a sip left. That's when it was time for me to go to bed, so i could get up in NYC.
Nothing is more fun than a 930 am load in, when it's cold as fuck, and you're hungover. It's also fun when everyone at the venue is an asshole, and you're returning 16 boxes if thursday hoodies to the printer. All in the span of about 20 minutes. Trying to not vomit all over the sidewalk was an incredible feat, one of which I avoided, thankfully. The rest of the day was cool, showered, shaved, and the stache was officially looking good, and not sketchy anymore. I was stoked. Beemer came and hung out for the night. That was awesome. After the show we drove to a Jersey parking lot, again.
The next day in Sayreville, home of Bon Jovi, we just hung all day, got the best catering of the tour, which isn't hard cause there never is any. I got a shipment of boxes about 20 minutes after doors and couldn't get the locks off of my trailer, so i had to cut one of em off, that was fun. The show itself was dece, sold okay. After the show we hung and drank on the bus. I talked to v for awhile on the phone, and watched people make out in the parking lot.
Next day, Philadelphia, I got to hang and eat with Erica and Jess, which ruled. The show was busy, and a venue sell, so that means I got to hang out by myself all night, and sell a bunch, best show of the tour so far. After the show I bolted out of there to Baltimore, to sleep in my own bed.
Baltimore. Drunk, very drunk. I saw a couple friends, got absolutely hammered, and wound up staying an extra night since we had the next day off in Cleveland. I also did a very long winded, and slurred bday greeting for Geoff on stage. It was epic. I was also wasted enough to be shirtless most of the night, as well as do stage dives for bring me the horizon. You know i'm loaded if that happens. Big ups to Steve from Ruiner for coming out and hanging and helping me out. More big ups to people for making sure i didnt die, haha.
The day off was spent on a very long train ride. Fortunately i was able to sleep the drunk/hangover off. When i got to cleveland at 530 am, i went straight to the bus, and slept even more.
When i got up the next day, we loaded in, and sat around all day. The venue had a restaurant that would deep fry anything, and had a ton of deep fried stuff on the menu. i had a deep fried pb&j for dinner. Giant grease bomb. The highlight of the show for me was watching a drunk girl freak out on her phone, throw it on the floor and smash it. Then she topped off the whole exchange with throwing her beer in the air, only to have it land on her head, and soak her. It was fucking awesome.
Today, we were in rainy depressing detroit. The show was kind of busy, and loud as fuck. Then during load out it poured buckets of rain soaking us to the bone. During the show, Jordan had some friends come out, who were both weird hc kids. They kept fucking with people during the show. At one point, one of the dudes, Oakley, showed the same dude his asshole twice, cause he was being a dick. Total class. Now i'm just sitting here doing this blog update before i go to bed. We're driving through a wicked storm on the way to St. Louis, and I'm listening to the lemonheads. I promise I'll not let this thing go for a week again. I'm gonna do another picture blog during the day tomm, so that should be cool. Most of em will be Neltie's. There will be a few shirtless pictures of me, fair warning.

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