Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Messin' with Texas.

We just finished up the run of states where it was warm, and nice. We did three shows in Texas, this time, all around SXSW, which is where everyone I know, for the most part, was for the weekend.
The first Texas show was in Houston. To be honest, this show was a giant waste. It was in an enourmous arena, and only about 600 people showed up. It was depressing. I didnt sell dick. The majority of the day was spent sitting around, and walkin around Houston's business district in search of food or coffee. No dice, we found a burger king. After the show, Beemer, Ed, Grden, and Katie came out. I also met a friend of theirs, who's name i forgot. We bullshitted for a bit, swapped out some merch, and that was about it. I then went and took a shower and had to use paper towels to dry off, cause there were no towels anywhere. Awesome. Then i smoked a joint with Flip, and one of the FYS dudes. I chatted with veronica for awhile before bed, and that was my day.
Up next we were in...San Antonio. This day ruled. Merch outside, decent sales, near beer, and buddy Nathan came out to hang. We kicked it all day, and bullshitted in between games of c-lo. Afterwards he took me, Neltie, and Jordan to Taco Bell. It was kickass. He also hooked me up with a copy of the new Mammoth Grinder cd. It fucking smokes.
Next up. Dallas. Fuck Dallas. Fuck the venue. Fuck it. I had a non work day, but fuck, dude. Was it really worth it? The only good thing was the sickass Caribbean food I ate. Oh and sweet hangs all day. After load out, i sat around and did nothing special. Watched the cancer bats roll out with some annoying stripper from the Pantera strip club. Then i sat up til we got to the Flying J, got some mexican layer dip pringles. i sat up and said goodnight to V, and then hit the hay myself.
Now i'm sitting around listening to the Carpenters in he back lounge, driving to Denver for our day off. This shit is pretty and boring at the same time.

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